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February 4, 2016
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March 10, 2016
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“Ultra VIP” Package


aprox. $ 15 640,00
aprox. £ 12 390,00
Anywhere you are in the World

Because YOU Deserve the Best… Start Now!
Reward Yourself with the Gift of 1 Year of “Elite Results Coaching”…
& This Will Be an Epic Year in Your Life!!!




"Ultra VIP" Package

28 Results Coaching sessions

“Almost” Unlimited Access for 1 whole Year!

This option is for those who want to build a relationship of progression and continuity with an “International Results Coach” with great experience, and be able to work continuously multiple areas, in a safe environment of great complicity as a Team.

An annual process enables us to build an extraordinary partnership of trust and the ability to attack any matter that’s arising now, or that started long ago, and that perhaps is what’s preventing You from fully reaching Your Potential.

Money Back Garantee


  • Up to 30 Elite Results Coaching sessions within 12 months. Sessions with a maximum duration of 75 min.
    … In each session we will do whatever is necessary to make progress on this day. Can be 10 minutes, or may be the entire time!
    (Online or via WhatsApp and that must be previously scheduled)
  • “Power Session Form” to be filled On-line up to 24 hours before each session.
  • Support Materials and support via email during the Period of Sessions
  • “Full Support & Personal Access” – Possibility to call me between 9:30 am and 9:30 pm (GMT) if something urgent arises.

Examples of topics you might want to help with:

  • To feel unblocked and able to define successful strategies adapted to each case, wether in personal or professional life.
  • Discover Your Vital Values and what Your True Priorities.
  • Figure out what Motivates You and wich are Your Sub-Conconscious Saboteurs.
  • How to integrate Your Personal Values into your Business/Company in order to feel motivated and professionally fulfilled.
  • Help in terms of Accountability, Support and Progress Monitoring and have someone impartial and that only has Your interest in mind – It’s always harder when we are alone and we have no one to re-direct us or bring us back to the course of action we’ve set to ensure the reaching of our Goals.
  • Having someone with whom you can test ideas and gain awareness of different perspectives.
  • Manage situations of Stress and balance the Personal / Professional Life.
  • Manage Relationships or Communication Difficulties.
  • Overcome Fears and Blockages.
  • Gain a greater Self-Awareness and develop Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Resources.
  • Modification and Implementation of new Habits or Behavior Patterns.
  • Have access to practical “tools” that You can use everyday or whenever You need them.


  • Note: I Only accept 4 “Ultra VIP” Customers per year so complete this form and check for availability.
Type of Package


# Sessions

Session Duration

10 to 75 minutes

Package Duration

Sessions Validity

12 months

Refunds Policy

“Money Back Guarantee”: Available