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January 2, 2016
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“Public Speaking” INTENSIVE


aprox. $ 495,00
aprox. £ 385,00
Anywhere you are in the World

If You want to Overcome Any Fear of Public Speaking and have Message or Idea You Want to Share, and want to Do It in a Powerful and Professional way without spending Years learning how… This INTENSIVE Training is For YOU!!!

"Public Speaking" INTENSIVE

1 Public Speaking INTENSIVE Personalised Training Session

Public Speaking is not exclusively done on stage… it can be a Speech, a Training or any kind of Presentation, live or video recorded, regardless the type or size of the Audience.

This “Public Speaking INTENSIVE” personalised training is specifically intended to situations where a Fast and Deep Training in Public Speaking is necessary to learn and apply effectively the various techniques and Develop Skills such as Overcome any Fear of Public Speaking, learn High Impact Presentation Skills, Body Language, Vocal Coaching, Communication Skills, Influence, Personal Branding, Stage Anchoring, Engage different types of Audiences, Facing a Camera, Emotional Management, Breathing Techniques, Preparation, Conveying the Right Message and Speaking With Power.

These Sessions are an intense, deep and Transformational Process but You’ll definitely have Fun and will feel an Immediate Progress.

It can be done as a single session or as an extra session to a package that has been acquired, and the Client wants to work it in a deeper manner for a particular occasion or enhance a specific skill.

Note: In this type of Intensive Session, we work emotional, cognitive and behavioural aspects, in order to gain a new awareness and consciousness, decoding the origins of the issue and finding a way to implement effective change strategies.

Money Back Garantee


  • 1 “Public Speaking INTENSIVE” Training – lasting about 4-5 hrs. 
(In-Person and that must be previously scheduled)
  • Support Materials during the Session
  • Personalised Coaching by a Top Expert in Public Speaking
Type of Package

In Person

# Sessions

Session Duration

4 to 5 hours

Package Duration

Sessions Validity

2 months

Refunds Policy

“Money Back Guarantee”: Available

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