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February 3, 2016
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“Teen Coaching” Package


aprox. $ 1050,00
aprox. £ 833,00
Anywhere you are in the World

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"Teen Coaching" Package

6 in Person Results Coaching sessions

“Teen Coaching” is a form of Results Coaching specifically tailored to young people between 13 and 21 years, that want to know themselves better, overcome personal challenges, discover their natural resources, develop new Resources and Skills (Emotional, Cognitive and Behavioral) make a real and profound Change in Their Lives, gaining a new awareness of their potential, new perspectives, finding practical strategies to achieve the results they want, and ensure that this transformation is maintained after the Coaching Process, gaining a greater awareness of what Motivates them Consciously and Unconsciously.

Thist is one of our most popular packages because the changes are evident and they’re obviously very rewarding for young people, and also for their closer relationships (Parents, Friends, etc.).

Whether you know exactly what you want to change, or if you just know you want Your Life to be Different. This option gives us enough time to get to the root of the issues, in a safe environment of great complicity as a Team, gives you the tools you need to make these important changes happen in your life, and implementing them in a lasting way!

You need only be willing to do an intense personal work to quickly achieve results, and be able to have In Person Sessions in Lisbon.

Money Back Garantee


  • 6 Results Coaching sessions x 60 min
    (previously scheduled)
  • Support Materials and support via email during the Period of Sessions
  • “Power Session Form” to be filled on-line up to 24 hours before each session.


  • Attention: Due logistical issues, I can only accept a limited number of “Teen-Coaching” Clients so fill out this form to check for availability.
Type of Package

In Person

# Sessions

Session Duration

60 minutes

Sessions Validity

3 months

Refunds Policy

“Money Back Guarantee”: Available